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Avanti Bourbon Cigars 10 5PKS
Avanti Bourbon Cigars 10 5PKS
Avanti Bourbon Cigars 10 5PKS

Avanti Cigars in Pennsylvania have been created some of the best most famous cigars in the market! Avanti Bourbon just happens to be a favorite among amateur and experienced smokers because they are delicious bourbon-flavored cigars. They are created in a classic cigarillo shape by machine-rolling a perfect tobacco filler which is infused with the sweet flavor of Bourbon in a Kentucky fire-cured leaf and then clipping them and leaving them to age! These delicious bourbon-flavored cigars might just be 4 ½ inches in size but they sure do pack a hit! They are full-bodied cigars that have burn out slowly and have a delicious aroma and aftertaste! They also come in packs of 10 which have 5 cigars in one carton which keep them fresh and moist!

Avanti Cigar Company
10 Packs of 5 Cigars

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