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Royal Blunts EZ Roll

Average Price : $12.69

Royal Blunts Hemparillo Cones

Average Price : $12.69

Royal Blunts Hemparillo Wraps

Average Price : $12.69

Royal Blunts XXL Wraps

Average Price : $19.49

Royal Blunts Wraps

Rolling your own cigars is definitely the affordable alternative as compared to purchasing machine-made ones but that all depends on the ingredients you choose! Machine-rolled cigars are the easier choice but they certainly lack the taste you get from hand-rolled ones! Apart from having the best quality tobacco, you will definitely need the right wraps as well. What better product to invest in than Royal Blunts Wraps which are created by the very famous New Image Global Inc. which is located in California, USA?

Royal Blunts was established in 1995 and it has hit a home run ever since! Although they have created a huge range of products, their Royal Blunts Wraps are the best in the market!  What’s great about their wraps is that they offer this huge variety of flavors that you will never find anywhere else, at least not at these prices! Explore different flavors of their wraps ranging from Cognac Honey to a sweet Strawberry flavor and Sour Apple which tastes like no other you have ever experiencen7! Every single one of their wraps are kept fresh in foil packs that are easily opened and then filled! What are you waiting for? Shop with us to get your wraps and start rolling!