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Brand : White Cat
Manufacturer : White Cat Cigars
Flavor(s) : Natural
Qty. / Pkg. : 10 Packs of 2 Cigars

White Cat Cigars

Flavored cigars are loved by many and are many people’s favourite since centuries! Many companies have tried to manufacture the best-flavored cigars to increase their market base but have failed miserably. The company White Cat is currently manufacturing an amazing collection of flavored cigars based on numerous positive customer reviews for this product. These high-quality cigars not only provide a satisfying smoking experience but also are reasonably priced for the masses to buy. Available in different flavors like Natural, Black, White Grape, Sweet, and Black Grape, these high-quality cigarillos will definitely tempt a cigar lover's taste buds!

All the White Cat Cigars are manufactured in the Dominican Republic and are packed in fresh foil. These are available in boxes which hold 2 cigars and are sold as a set of 20 packs. The packaging is impressive, and the foil covers keep the flavors fresh and rich. Whether you want to enjoy a smoke after a hard work day or celebrate a victory or hand them out as a gift to your loved ones, these high-quality cigars are your best choice in the flavored cigar category. It is clearly evident from the sales and customer reviews that this product is being loved by millions since its launch two years ago in 2017!