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Parodi Cherry Vanilla 10 5pks
Parodi Cherry Vanilla 10 5pks
Parodi Cherry Vanilla 10 5pks

Looking for some premium flavored cigars? Then Look No Further! Parodi,a brand by Avanti Cigar Company, the only cigar company in the United States that makes cigars with Dark Fire-Cured Tobacco brings you Parodi Cherry Vanilla, the fruitiest out of all the parodi's. Parodi Cherry Vanilla has a soothing flavor with a sweet aroma of vanilla and cherry syrup. While carrying a fruity taste these cigars also pack a perfect burn time and minimal ash. These cigars are best for parties and evenings and create a great pair with beer, tea, and sweet liquor. Buy these fruity Parodi Cherry Vanilla Cigars and make your parties more exciting right now! They come in packs of 5 with each holding 5 sweet little cigars!

Parodi Cigars
Cherry Vanilla
10 Packs of 5 Cigars

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