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Pure Leaf Wraps

If you’re looking for a smooth smoking experience that’ll take you to the next level, then, perhaps you should consider trying Pure Leaf Wraps!

Made in the USA with a premium, hand-cut, hand-picked broadleaf, these bad boys are known to burn slow and taste great. Plus, Pure Leaf prides itself as a brand and product that never disappoints. As you can see, the difference between cheap wraps and Pure Leaf is clear; no holes, no rips, never a dry or stale moment, and of course, no wasted tobacco to throw away!

In addition to all those positive notes mentioned above, we’d also like to mention that Pure Leaf Wraps pair extremely well with RAW Rolling Papers! That’s right; smokers from coast to coast are rolling up their herbs with a RAW Paper first and then wrapping it with a Pure Leaf for an exceptional upgrade. Now, how genius is that?

Furthermore, Pure Leaf Wraps come in four unique, original flavors such as Chocolate/ Vanilla, Double Cup, Golden Honey, and Natural. Plus, when you secure your order at Buy Pipe Tobacco, you can order in bulk. In fact, our 15-pack box (45 Wraps) sells for a fraction of the price compared to local smoke shops and gas stations.

Last, but not least, Pure Leaf Wraps, (when purchased at BPT) come with fast nationwide delivery to all 50 states! So don’t delay your day with an unnecessary trip to the store, order here today and save! We’re 100% confident you’ll be impressed, we definitely were!