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Splitarillos Cigars

Splitarillos cigars are uniquely designed machine-made cigars that are relatively new in the market. These are manufactured in the Dominican Republic which is considered the cigar capital of the world as its climate is best suited for growing tobacco! Moreover, the Splitarillos cigars come in 7 different flavors including G6 Grape, OG Sweet, Rozay Wine, Da Bomb Blueberry, Pineapple, Swag Berry, and One Hundred All Natural. These flavors are packed in well-designed foil pouches to keep the aroma and flavor intact. Hence, the smoking experience is satisfying when compared to that of its expensive hand-rolled counterparts. It is hard to find these amazing flavors in other cigar brands at such reasonable prices!

Splitarillos cigars have something special to offer to its customers and the amazing flavors that it comes in have become the trendsetters in this industry. Customers are loving the smoking experience they get, once they light up a Splitarillos cigar and hence this product has been able to capture a large market base within no time. You can even gift these cigars or buy a stock full of these for a party with your friends and family. The aroma, richness, and smoothness of these cigars will be loved by everyone you share a smoke with!