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Super Hemp Wraps Sweet 25 2PKS
Super Hemp Wraps Sweet 25 2PKS
Super Hemp Wraps Sweet 25 2PKS

Pure, delicious, thin, and smooth, these Sweet Super Hemp Wraps are an organic and handy blunt rolling solution. Not only will you get the wholesome goodness of genuine hemp wrap, but you’ll also enjoy slightly sweet notes of natural fruity flavors! As such, these wraps are a real crowd-pleaser. If that’s not enough, they come in a large 25 count box of foil 2-packs at a great price!

The Super Hemp company has been working hard to provide smokers with better blunt options. As such, their wraps are simple, delicious, and easy to roll with. They hold their form well and burn slowly with minimal ash. Moreover, these wraps are extremely affordable. Overall, if you want the best quality at an affordable price, these wraps are a great choice.

When you order your Super Hemp Wraps from us, you’ll get a quality product every time. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll do everything we can to make things right! In addition to this, we have great customer reviews and offer direct shipping. So, you can skip the trip to the smoke shop!

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