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Talon Regular 9oz Pipe Tobacco
Talon Regular 9oz Pipe Tobacco
Talon Regular 9oz Pipe Tobacco

Talon tobacco is a storied brand in the industry and they are known for their filtered cigars. But their pipe tobacco is just as amazing and delicious. You’ll never want to give up the hearty flavors of Talon Regular Pipe Tobacco 9oz. The smooth flavor and even burn will have your taste buds wanting more after every puff you take. Talon Regular Pipe Tobacco 9oz is great for stuffing in your pipe or for your rolled cigarettes. You’ll never want to be without your new favorite tobacco blend and because of its affordable price, you never do! Talon Regular Pipe Tobacco 9oz is a premium blend that’s filled with delicious flavor, but costs a fraction of the price of other brands. You’ll be able to buy tons of Talon Regular Pipe Tobacco 9oz bags and still have money left over for your cigarette tubes.

Scandinavian Tobacco
9oz Bag
Full Flavor

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Jesse B on 06/27/2020
My purchase was the best ! The tobacco store I locally go to cost maybe $10.00 less . Shipping was only $9.00 and came in 3 days which was very fast. The much better quality and slower burning beretta filters were the same price as the gambler filters at the local shop. The local shop ran out of the 9oz bag of talon and only had small bags which this site has everything. The one bad thing was the tobacco was dry . But I just put humidifying stones in the bag and fixed that. Other than that,I was much happier buying online from this site than my local shop .And I will buy here I think from now on.

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