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Talon Menthol 9oz Pipe Tobacco
Talon Menthol 9oz Pipe Tobacco
Talon Menthol 9oz Pipe Tobacco

If you want something that’s been around for a while, then go for Talon Menthol Pipe Tobacco 9oz! You’ll love the smooth menthol flavor that’s combined with the hearty taste of tobacco. The icy flavor of menthol will satisfy your minty fresh cravings, while the singular mixture of Burley and Virginia tobaccos deliver a refreshing taste that’s perfect for your everyday smoke. The menthol flavor isn’t too overpowering, which makes it great for those who want something with just a touch of mint flavor. Besides the cool and refreshing taste, you’ll also appreciate the low price of Talon Menthol Pipe Tobacco 9oz. You get a premium tobacco product at a fraction of the cost! You won’t have to break the bank to fill your pipe or your rolled cigarettes. You’ll be able to stock up on Talon Menthol Pipe Tobacco 9oz so that you never run out of your new favorite blend.

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