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Rio Pipe Tobacco Smooth 12oz Bag
Rio Pipe Tobacco Smooth 12oz Bag
Rio Pipe Tobacco Smooth 12oz Bag

If you’re a smoker that prefers a full-flavored smoke, but not the harsh aftertaste, then you need to try Rio Smooth Pipe Tobacco 12oz. As the perfect choice, it’s smooth and mellow, eliminating a lot of the harshness that you expect with a full-bodied smoke with Original or Regular pipe tobacco flavors. Rio Smooth Pipe Tobacco 12oz is made using non-aromatic Virginia and Burley leaves, epitomizing the definition of a truly classic smoke that’s easy on your throat and taste buds. You’ll find yourself craving a smoke with Rio Smooth Pipe Tobacco 12oz morning, noon and night. It’s great for either filling your pipe or using in your own rolled cigarettes. Rio Smooth Pipe Tobacco 12oz features a slow, consistent burn and a delightful aftertaste that will definitely please the most critical smoker around. The taste is amazing and so is the affordable price. Each Rio Smooth Pipe Tobacco 12oz bag won’t break the bank, allowing you the ability to smoke to your heart’s content.

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William H on 06/03/2020

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