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Prince Albert Pipe Tobacco 6 1.5oz Packs
Prince Albert Pipe Tobacco 6 1.5oz Packs
Prince Albert Pipe Tobacco 6 1.5oz Packs

There’s nothing better than a tobacco blend that really stands the test of time! That’s exactly what you get with Prince Albert Pipe Tobacco! This storied blend consists of mahogany-colored Burley in addition with subtle notes of cocoa and molasses that make for possibly the greatest smoke of your life! It’s really a great blend to enjoy just about any time, morning or night. It’s popular for its aroma and taste, which is why it’s an amazing choice for those that want something traditional. There are no frills involved with Prince Albert Pipe Tobacco and you get a quality blend at an affordable price. You won’t have break the bank when opting to smoke Prince Albert Pipe Tobacco, which is why many choose to fill their pipes or cigarette papers with it. Flavorful, mellow and super affordable are reasons why you need to try Prince Albert Pipe Tobacco!

John Middleton Company
Prince Albert
6 1.5oz Packs

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Anthony O on 11/28/2020

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