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Jester Pipe Tobacco Regular 16oz Bag
Jester Pipe Tobacco Regular 16oz Bag
Jester Pipe Tobacco Regular 16oz Bag

Jester Pipe Tobacco Regular 16oz is anything but a joke! It’s a premium brand that you’ll love. As an affordable, all-day blend, smokers of all levels will appreciate its bold flavor Made using a blend of quality Burleys and Virginas, you find yourself craving its intoxicating flavor. Jester Pipe Tobacco Regular 16oz provides a smooth smoke that will satisfy your smoking urges at prices that can’t be beat. The bold and rich flavors of the Regular blend are perfect for filling your pipe with or using it to roll your own cigarettes. But regardless of how you like to smoke, one thing is certain and that’s its wonderful flavor that will entice your senses. Priced affordably, you’ll get more bang for your buck when choosing to smoke Jester Pipe Tobacco Regular 16oz. This means enjoying your smokes without worrying that you’re breaking the bank to indulge in your habit!

Scandinavian Tobacco

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Stacey P on 02/23/2020
Great quality, smooth taste & awesome price!!!!!

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