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Elkhorn Pipe Tobacco Red 16 oz Bag
Elkhorn Pipe Tobacco Red 16 oz Bag
Elkhorn Pipe Tobacco Red 16 oz Bag

Elkhorn Pipe Tobacco Red 16oz is a favorite among smokers for its great taste and its affordable price. The classic Red flavor is bold and rich, making it the perfect choice for an everyday blend you can use in your pipe or for rolling your own cigarettes. The bold flavor is one that you won’t forget and your taste buds will crave the full-bodied smoke that’s non-aromatic. It’s great for novices looking for something classic, while veteran smokers will enjoy its low cost. You’ll be able to smoke to your heart’s content and not worry about spending a small fortune on your smoking habit. Elkhorn Pipe Tobacco Red 16oz is packaged tightly in a resealable bag to preserve freshness longer and prevent the distribution of shake. It’s the perfect everyday smoke for those looking to heighten their smoking experience. And for the price, it’ll become your go-to blend in no time!

A&T Tobacco
16oz(1lb) Bag

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