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Carter Hall Pipe Tobacco 6 1.5oz Packs
Carter Hall Pipe Tobacco 6 1.5oz Packs
Carter Hall Pipe Tobacco 6 1.5oz Packs

Not all tobacco brands can boast that they’ve been in the business for more than 100 years! Carter Hall Pipe Tobacco 1.5oz is rich with history and perfection given they’ve been making tobacco products since 1895, so they know what smokers want from their products. The blend is straightforward and filled with traditional flavors smokers of all levels crave. Featuring ribbon-cut Virginia and burley blends, you’ll find yourself craving all the delicious flavors that Carter Hall Pipe Tobacco 1.5oz has to offer. Many already love this air-cured and mild tobacco that’s ready to smoke right out of the bag and you will, too. Each product that Carter Hall makes is produced with the highest standards and tons of attention to detail. But the best part is that you’re getting a premium product for a faction of the price! The affordable blend is backed with a rich heritage that will drive your taste buds wild!

John Middleton Co.
Carter Hall
6 - 1.5oz Pouches

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John D on 11/16/2020

Anthony K on 05/12/2020
First time trying out the carter hall, not what I would have expected from Middleton Co. Smoke is good n smooth but not as full bodied as I had imagined. If you enjoy a nice, mellow smoke with a good kentucky hills flavor then this ones for you. Would I purchase again? Yeah i mean it's not a bad smoke, just not my preferred cut of tobacco.

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