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Big Rock Smooth 16oz Pipe Tobacco
Big Rock Smooth 16oz Pipe Tobacco
Big Rock Smooth 16oz Pipe Tobacco

For many, the smoother the better is what their preference is when it comes to the type of tobacco they like. For these smokers, Big Rock Smooth 16oz Pipe Tobacco is perfect! Not only will it provide you with full flavor, but you’ll also get a wonderfully smooth taste and non-aromatic flavor. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new smoker or a veteran, you’ll love that this blend burns smooth and long. It’s a medium to full-bodied tobacco blend that features a beautiful ribbon cut that is perfect for both pipe and roll your own cigarette enthusiasts. There’s no strong aftertaste, which is why it’s so loved for smoking morning, noon and night. Stuffed into convenient resealable packages, you’ll not only adore the taste, but also the fact that it’s super affordable! You won’t have to break the bank to indulge in your smoking preferences – all you need is a bag of Big Rock Smooth 16oz Pipe Tobacco.

Global Tobacco, LLC
Big Rock
16oz(1lb) Bag

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