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Backwoods Pipe Tobacco Original 6 1.5oz Packs
Backwoods Pipe Tobacco Original 6 1.5oz Packs
Backwoods Pipe Tobacco Original 6 1.5oz Packs

If you want a no-frills, no-fuss tobacco blend for your pipe or cigarettes, then go with Backwoods Original Pipe Tobacco. It’s actually one of the most popular flavor-infused cigars on the market and now it’s available to pipe lovers everywhere in a convenient pouch package. Smokers of all levels love that it’s a cool aromatic blend that features a mellow and smooth sweet flavor and gives off the most amazing smell ever. It’s delicious and great for any occasion. You’ll want to smoke this morning, noon and night once you try this amazing and classic blend that’s totally affordable. Your smoking habit won’t cost a fortune once you switch to Backwoods Original Pipe Tobacco. If you love the cigars, you’ll adore the pipe tobacco even more! It’s a favorite among many smokers for a reason after all. Once you try it, you’ll never want to buy anything else again!

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Simon L on 10/14/2020

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