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Bacco Original 6oz Pipe Tobacco
Bacco Original 6oz Pipe Tobacco
Bacco Original 6oz Pipe Tobacco

Take your smoking pleasures to new height by opting for Bacco Original 16oz Pipe Tobacco. Whether you like to enjoy your pipe before bed or like to personalize your smokes by rolling them yourself, Bacco Original 16oz Pipe Tobacco is the perfect choice for both! The Original flavor uses American-made recipes that feature Kentucky burley leaf, which is what gives it an amazing flavor that you won’t experience anywhere else. Bold, rich and tantalizing, you’ll never want to smoke anything else once your taste buds get ahold of Bacco’s Original blend. You can even use it as a base to mix other Bacco flavors with! Whatever your smoking preferences are, one thing’s for sure – Bacco Original pipe tobacco is great for any occasion and makes an awesome everyday smoke. The affordable, economy blend offers smokers of every level premium product for half the cost.

XCaliber International
6oz Bag

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