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Bacco Original 16oz Pipe Tobacco
Bacco Original 16oz Pipe Tobacco
Bacco Original 16oz Pipe Tobacco

Whether you prefer making custom blends or prefer traditional pipe smoking, Bacco Original 16oz Pipe Tobacco is what you’re looking for! Not only is it super affordable, but it’s smooth and really easy to use. The Original blend is made from American-made recipes that use Kentucky burley leaf for its base. The natural Original flavor is bold and robust and perfect for those who want a no-frills tobacco experience. It burns evenly and long for a satisfying smoking experience you’ll come to crave day in and day out. The resealable bag keeps things fresh, while the price keeps your pocket happy. Once you try Bacco Original 16oz Pipe Tobacco, you’ll never want to use anything because your taste buds will crave the rich flavors this blend offers. Bacco is a known name in the tobacco industry, which is why it’s so loved by smokers of all levels. Newbies like the price, while veteran smokers love the desirable flavors they can’t find anywhere else.

XCaliber International
16oz(1lb) Bag

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john g on 04/14/2020

Theresa S on 04/08/2020

James R on 04/06/2020

Michael W on 04/04/2020
I order for my son. He likes the price and taste.

David S on 03/31/2020

Ross A on 02/29/2020

judy w on 11/10/2019
product is great/ problem is the ziplock isn't attached to the bag

Edward A on 08/10/2019

Hurley C on 10/19/2018

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