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Talon Filtered Cigars Vanilla
Talon Filtered Cigars Vanilla
Talon Filtered Cigars Vanilla

Made from a unique blend of pure American tobacco, these cigars bring a burst of the beautiful vanilla flavor! The strong, woody, rich flavor of the warm, moist blend of tobaccos is balanced with the creaminess of the vanilla. Every cigar is uniquely wrapped in untouched tobacco leaves to retain their maximum flavor to ensure an assured delivery of great tasting cigar! These delicious little cigars are packed into neat individual pack of 20s and cartons of 10 pack each, tailor made to suit your needs. Order one today and enjoy the same great taste of a regular cigar, but with a burst of vanilla!

10 Packs of 20 Cigars
Scandinavian Tobacco
3 1/4
200 Little Cigars
Talon Cigars

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Anna C on 04/22/2020
Yay vanilla flavored cigars. Taste like sugar cookies and my house smells like a bakery. No children allowed!

Graeme B on 08/28/2019
More like a Mocha than a vanilla.Strong enough .Tasty.Yum.Will buy again.

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