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Supreme Blend Peach Little Cigars 100
Supreme Blend Peach Little Cigars 100
Supreme Blend Peach Little Cigars 100

Do you want to smoke cigars that make you smack your lips? Yes, you read it correctly. Supreme Blend Peach Little Cigars, which is prepared by Global Tobacco Company based in Texas, USA, has the ability to make you smack your lips with the sweetness it has. It is well-crafted by the talented and skilled machines installed by them. These cigars, that comes in packs of 10 and with 20 cigars in it, are 3 ¼ inches long to smoke whenever you feel like you need a quick smoke. Smoking these cigars will give you the feel of eating a sweet every time you drag a puff. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Then, take a chance on them! These cigars are rolled with tobaccos exported from North Carolina and wrapped in beautiful Connecticut wrappers. Get them right here!

10 Packs of 20 Cigars
3 1/4
200 Little Cigars
Supreme Blend Cigars

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