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Red Buck Little Cigars Red 100 Box
Red Buck Little Cigars Red 100 Box
Red Buck Little Cigars Red 100 Box

Try out this exquisite flavor of Red Buck Cigars which is now the most popular flavor in the USA! These cigars are 3 ¼ inches in size and they are all-natural. These cigars are perfect for you if you don’t like cigars that are free from any additives or added flavors. Red Buck Little Cigars is created from a rich blend of USA tobacco which is made extra smooth and nutty. The blend is stuffed into natural tobacco wrappers which keep give them a nice full-flavor! The cigars are kept fresh and moist just like the day they were rolled because of the air-tight pack that they come in. You can get 200 of these amazing cigars in a carton so that you can stock up and save in the long run!

3 1/4
200 Little Cigars
Red Buck Cigars

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