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Racer Little Cigars Menthol 100 Box
Racer Little Cigars Menthol 100 Box
Racer Little Cigars Menthol 100 Box

Do you love soothing and cooler smokes? Try out these menthol-flavored cigars which are by far the best in the market! They are so popular because they are compact and can easily be carried around and they are affordable which means that you can enjoy them every single day! Racer Little Cigars Menthol is made from only the best-selected tobacco which is blended to perfection with a cooling flavor of menthol. The blend is kept moist because of the all-natural tobacco wrappers which encase it. These cool little cigars can be yours if you shop with us and get them in a carton which holds 200 of them so that you can stock up!

10 Packs of 20 Cigars
Global Tobacco
3 1/4
200 Little Cigars
Racer Cigars

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