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Al Capone Sweets Filtered Cigars
Al Capone Sweets Filtered Cigars
Al Capone Sweets Filtered Cigars

Do you love sweet cigars that satisfy your sweet tooth? Why not try out one of the most popular filtered cigars in the USA? Al Capone Sweets Filtered Cigars is created from a delicious blend of Nicaraguan and Brazilian tobaccos which make it naturally sweet and smooth! Being wrapped in a sweet all-natural tobacco leaf wrapper also adds to the deliciousness of these filtered little cigars! They might be small in size but that is no reflection of the astounding flavor. These filtered cigars are packed in cartons of 10 each and they come in 10 packs. If you shop with us, you can have them delivered right to you at the best prices!

Natural Tobacco Leaf
Homogenized Tobacco Leaf
Carribean Basin
10 packs of 10
Inter-Continental Cigar
3 7/8
200 Little Cigars

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