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38 Special Little Cigars Peach 100 Box
38 Special Little Cigars Peach 100 Box
38 Special Little Cigars Peach 100 Box

Experience the deliciousness of peach-flavored cigars that are very popular in the cigar business because of the amazing taste and affordable prices! 38 Special Little Cigars Peach is created from a blend of 5 premium tobaccos that are air-cured and blended before being infused the sweetness of ripe peach. The tobacco is wrapped up and then stored in a box that stores 200 of these delicious little cigars that keep them fresh and moist so that you have a slower burn out time when you get your hands on these amazing little cigars! You can have this sweet and mild-bodied flavor at the best price when you shop with us.

10 Packs of 20 Cigars
Lake Erie Tobacco
3 7/8
200 Little Cigars
38 Special

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Stephanie C on 11/04/2021
Yes, these cigarettes, little cigars, are by far the best that I've ever tried! For that reason, I have made them my preferred cigarettes of choice. They do not taste or smell like cigars. They are much much cheaper than regular cigarettes, and even cheaper than the little cigars that you can purchase in your local convenience store, with a much better taste and smell. I would recommend for any regular cigarette smoker to try these. I highly doubt that they ever purchase regular cigarettes again. I know I didn't. Love these!!!

Lewis C on 09/24/2021

Mike P on 09/21/2021

richard p on 08/04/2019

Antonio M on 08/04/2019
Very flavorfull

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