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White Owl Demi Tip 10 5pks
White Owl Demi Tip 10 5pks
White Owl Demi Tip 10 5pks

Do you love your cigars natural, pure, and sharp? Then these bad boys are definitely for you! These cigars are actually one of the most popular and classic machine-made cigars that you can find in the market. They are made from Cuban seed tobacco which is blended to perfection and wrapped in a homogenized tobacco leaf along with a binder. They are mellow, flavorful, and affordable! It doesn’t get any better than that. These cigars have plastic tips to prevent any bites and for a slower burn. They are available in 10 packs of 5 so that you can get 50 of these cigars at the best prices!

White Owl
Swedish Match
Demi Tip
10 Packs of 5 Cigars

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