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Rap Cigarillos Grape 15ct Box
Rap Cigarillos Grape 15ct Box
Rap Cigarillos Grape 15ct Box

If you are looking for a rich-tasting cigar, then Rap Cigarillos is the right product that you should buy. The tobacco used in making this product comes from the Dominican Republic which has the ideal environment setting to grow high-quality tobacco. The grape flavor is rich and unique in itself and is seldom found in cigars. Well-designed foils are used to pack these cigarillos to keep the flavor, taste, and the aroma intact! With such great quality, affordable price, and rich flavor, these cigars have taken the market by storm and the customers are falling in love with this product. Rap Cigarillos are currently being distributed in Florida, in 15 foil pouches of 4 cigarillos each. Without a doubt, you should buy these cigarillos for a satisfying smoking experience.

Miami Florida USA
20 Packs of 4 Cigars

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