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Phillies Cigarillos White Grape 30ct
Phillies Cigarillos White Grape 30ct
Phillies Cigarillos White Grape 30ct

The mouth-watering flavor of Phillies White Grape Cigarillos is nothing short of perfect. The unreal flavor combined with a smooth, powerful smoke makes these cigarillos one of America’s most trusted brands. Phillies White Grape Cigarillos are affordable while containing premium quality Dominican tobacco. From one cigarillo to the next, the white grape flavor is amazingly sweet for the most relaxing smoking experience. Phillies Cigarillos are available in other delicious varieties such as sweet and black. White grape flavor and smooth tobacco are the perfect mixture for your enjoyment. Never disappointing and always flavorful, Phillies White Grape Cigarillos are just what you need to unwind. Enjoy a strong draw with the sweet, tangy taste of white grape. A taste experience over and over with each smoke. Natural tobacco and a natural leaf wrapper are combined to craft a premium quality cigarillo. Each order contains 60 Phillies White Grape Cigarillos. Freshness is top priority wit

Altadis USA Inc
White Grape
30 Packs of 2 Cigars

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