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Phillies Cigarillos Combo 120ct
Phillies Cigarillos Combo 120ct
Phillies Cigarillos Combo 120ct

Everyone knows Phillies is a heavy hitter in the cigar business. Made with 100% natural tobacco fillers and a natural lead wrap Phillies Combo Cigarillos are a favorite for smokers of all types. With something for everyone these cigarillos are machine rolled to ensure a consistent smoke every time. Phillies Combo Cigarillos boast a strong draw and smooth aroma for your enjoyment. Relax and take a break with Phillies Combo Cigarillos and see why America loves this brand. Phillies cigarillos come in a variety of other flavors such as Phillies Sweet Cigarillos and Phillies Unsweet Cigarillos. Stock up on your favorites with the affordability that this brand offers so you never have to worry about running out. Packaged with freshness in mind Phillies Combo Cigarillos come in a sealed foil pouch. No more stale cigars. Enjoy the smooth smoke of Phillies Combo Cigarillos. Each order contains 120 Phillies Combo Cigarillos.

Altadis USA Inc
15 Black, 15 Sweet, 15 Unsweet, 15 White Grape
60 Packs of 2 Cigars

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