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Phillies Cigarillos Black 30ct
Phillies Cigarillos Black 30ct
Phillies Cigarillos Black 30ct

Phillies Black cigarillos are specially crafted with a smooth blend of Honduran and Dominican tobaccos and a natural leaf wrap. For your everyday smoking pleasure these cigarillos are not only affordable but are also machine rolled to ensure the perfect cigar. A strong draw and smooth aroma are what brings smokers coming back for more with Phillies Black Cigarillos. Available in several other varieties such as the ever so popular Phillies Sweet Cigarillo- a hint of sweetness with the earthy taste of tobacco that never disappoints. The always affordable low pricing on these premium quality cigarillos allows you to stock up so you’ll never run out of your favorite smoke. To ensure freshness Phillies Black Cigarillos are packaged in sealable foil pouches so you don’t need to worry about your cigars going stale. Take a break and enjoy the delightfully smooth smoke of Phillies Black Cigarillos. Each order contains 60 Phillies Black Cigarillos.

Altadis USA Inc
30 Packs of 2 Cigars

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