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King Edward Specials 10 5pks
King Edward Specials 10 5pks
King Edward Specials 10 5pks

Love Cigars? Why not try some King Edward Specials? Named in the honor of King Edward VII these cigars are one of the best cigars available in the market. King Edward Specials are kind of really special because they are made out of 100% natural fillings which means they are free from harmful chemicals and they are a little long in size so they give a really long-lasting burn but that’s not all one of the main reasons why these cigars are so popular is their taste. King Edward Specials pack a magnificent taste that goes hand in hand with the perfect taste of tobacco and doesn’t conceal your aftertaste either! Hurry! Save some extra money by ordering 10 packs of 5 cigars right now!

King Edward
Swisher International
10 packs of 5 Cigars

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