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Black and Mild Wine Cigars 25ct Box
Black and Mild Wine Cigars 25ct Box
Black and Mild Wine Cigars 25ct Box

Middleton’s Black & Mild Wine Plastic Tip Cigars are a must for any smoker. Manufactured by John Middleton Co, these premium-machine rolled cigars are America’s most trusted brand. Known for being economical and affordable these cigars also come in a selection of flavors you didn’t know you wanted. From apple to cream and everything in between Middleton’s Black & Mild cigars beat the competition in taste and presentation. Each of these wine flavored cigars are fitted with a plastic tip that enhances the comfort of the smoker as well as the warm, semi-sweet taste of red wine flavored tobacco. A natural homogenized wrapper and binder holds the high-quality Black Cavendish and Golden Virginia tobaccos. Black & Mild Wine Wood Tip Cigars give smokers a delightful alternative to the pipe while still offering the pleasant, strong flavor of tobacco that the pipe is known for. Each order contains 25 cigars each.

Black And Mild
John Middleton Co
Mild Wine
Box of 25 Cigars

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